Damn Vulnerable DeFi

Put your black hat on, and break some DeFi projects on Ethereum!

More and more DeFi projects on Ethereum are getting hacked. This is your chance to join the party.


Each challenge can be considered standalone. Depending on the challenge, you should either stop the system from working, steal as much funds as you can, or do some other unexpected things.

# Name
1 Unstoppable
2 Naive receiver
3 Truster
4 Side entrance
5 The rewarder
6 Selfie
7 Compromised
8 Puppet

How to Hack

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Install dependencies with npm install
  3. Code your solutions in the provided *.challenge.js files (inside each challenge's folder in the test folder)
  4. Run your exploit for a challenge with npm run challenge-name. If the challenge is executed successfully, you've passed!

Tips and tricks


Were you able to exploit everything ? Did you get stuck ? Want more challenges ?

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